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Plans to sell or rent your house? And would you like to see it featured on funda? A clever choice – with over 50 million visits every month, funda is the No.1 real estate platform in the Netherlands.

Step 1: Explore your options

You only get one chance to make a great first impression.

Funda will guide home-seekers to your house as a new offer just once. So it is your one chance to put your home in the spotlight.

We have various options for presenting your home. Funda Basic allows you to show your house with photos, a location map, specific features and a description. If you would you like to highlight your house in the best possible way, then funda Complete is for you. In addition to the funda Basis features, funda Complete offers funda's best-performing presentation products: Floorplan, 360° Photos, Video and 3D tour.

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funda Basis en funda Compleet

Step 2: Get more attention

Your house deserves to be seen.

Do you want your house to stand out from the crowd? Funda has a range of products to help you: Eyecatcher, Toppositie and Featured Residential Property. Each one has proven to be very effective.

Also, use your network wisely by posting your house on Twitter and Facebook. Click on the social media buttons above the photos on funda to instantly share the link to your house.

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Step 3: Contact a real estate agent

A real estate agent will post your house on funda.

Now that you know your options and have decided on the best way to sell your home, you are ready to contact a real estate agent to help you publish your property on funda. Using funda, it’s easy to find an NVM real estate agent to assist you with the sale of your house.

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Step 4: Your house is on funda. Now what?

Is your house attracting a lot of interest? See how it’s going, as often as you like, with our ‘Sales statistics’ feature.

You can easily link your property to your funda account once it has been published:

  1. Go to your house on funda and scroll to the bottom of the page. There, you will find the button 'I’m selling this house'.
  2. When you click on the button, you will send a linking request to your real estate agent.
  3. As soon as the agent confirms you are the seller or landlord, clicking on 'Sales statistics' in your funda account will allow you to view real-time statistics about the interest in your property.
  4. Want to be kept up to date automatically? Use the settings to choose how often you would like to receive updates on your property.
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Why funda?

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We’re No.1!

With the broadest offering, most visits and most sold properties, funda is the No.1 real estate platform in the Netherlands.

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The power of funda is the perfect three-in-one – you as the seller, funda as the real estate platform and your real estate agent as the professional link between you and us.

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More than 50 million visits

Every month, funda is visited more than 50 million times.